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As direct funders, BMF Capital provides what are known as Merchant Cash Advances to small and mid-sized businesses like yours. According to articles in publications like The Wall Street Journal, more and more retailers, restaurateurs and other small business owners are taking advantage of Merchant Cash Advances because of its: 

  • High rate of approval

  • Little need for documentation

  • Speed of approval

  • Flexible terms

BMF Capital

Our Vision

We are committed to helping struggling businesses reduce or eliminate their debt. We understand that the typical business owner has few options when dealing with difficult situations. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there, and most funders won’t offer solutions to assist with capital struggles.


Over the years, we have funded many high risk merchant business owners and when asked what is most important the message is consistent, lowest cost of money, provide the highest funding amount when needed, sincere  personal service, and meeting the requirement not to change processors.Yes, we listened and adhere to these fundamental items when we provide  high risk merchant funds and our services for you.

Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it’s the lifeblood of business.

- Sir Richard Branson

Value 01.

Educating Our Merchants

Why should you consider BMF Capital, LLC for a cash advance? We believe we have set ourselves apart from other companies that provide alternative funding by placing an emphasis on educating our merchants.

Before we do business with any merchant, we make certain they have a complete understanding of the funding arrangement. We are also careful to set realistic terms with merchants based on their particular earning profiles in order to minimize the possibility of future cash flow problems. Whether you're a restaurant, a florist, salon, spa or an automotive center, you have a maximum percentage of gross revenues that you can afford to pay back each day to meet your financial obligation (called a "safe retrieval percentage"). We make sure you stay within this limit so as not to cause you cash flow distress. In addition, we make clear disclosure of all costs upfront.

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